Path of Exile Expansion Review: Atlas of Worlds

The Atlas of Worlds is the fifth expansion of Path of Exile. With its goal to add a story to The Awakening act, this version has what it takes to earn a spot in the gaming world. Now, players can continue playing through random maps. That means that you can still enjoy a plethora of features and challenges.

This game still has the same sceneries with a few areas that have been revised. Its appearance is a bit cleaner, resulting in high-quality visual effects. Together with randomizing some parts of the map, there are new foes to beat as well. Nineteen new bosses should be conquered which makes the battle more intense.

The Void area also has a notable change. There are modifiers on this area, and they can be attached to numerous places on the map. Each has a distinct effect such as one that increases the critical strike of players and monsters to 100%. We are also interested in the one where you can place a Forsaken Master in the area. You can also combine both of these modifiers which means that you can have a Forsaken Master while earning a 100% bonus at the same time.

The Atlas of Worlds will not also fail you when it comes to new and exciting perks. One of the latest additions is the Essences, a type of armor modifier, which can help the player gain maximum health regardless of the kind of weapon he has.

Most gamers would surely love this segment. Depending on your skill level, you will also be given the ability to change the areas in The Atlas map. However, you also have the option to maintain the previous spot. You should also expect that as you increase your level, the monsters will also be upgraded to boost their performance and power.